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You want your LEONA?

Write me an email with your desired piece of jewelry.

Which alloy do you want (gold, platinum, silver)?

A ring? Then I need your ring size.

LEONA is available as


signet ring

a statement!

The detailed lion's head blends harmoniously into the ring band and thus nestles comfortably on the finger and stays there.


A small lion's head sits on a round ring band.


ear studs

small lion heads sit nicely on the ear. They come with wide clasps so the head fits snugly too.


​Trailer large

the first piece from which all the others sprang. Here the sculptural head is worn on a chain. A real hand flatterer thanks to its arched back.

trailer small

the head, which is only one centimeter tall, looks magical on a delicate chain.

Also makes a beautiful gift with an engraving on the back.

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