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LEONA – the lioness, she inspires courage and protects – a talisman


Did you ever ask yourself why lions are considered the kings of the animal world? Well, if they are not dozing in the sun, they can roar really loud and chase away all the coyotes, et cetera. But what is forgotten way to often is the female lion...

Namely the lioness - she does not only take care of their little ones with all her devotion but also hunts and socializes to keep her group together. To do so she connects to the other lionesses and can retreat and relax when she notices that another member of the group takes care of her babies. No roaring or baring her teeth needed.

And imagine, when necessary she decisively makes a stand against the celebrated “king of the animals”.

The lioness possesses an incredible inner calmness and strength. She symbolizes courage, solidarity, empathy and support.

This collection is dedicated to her.

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