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LEONA - the lioness, is an encourager, a protector - a talisman.

Have you ever wondered what makes the lion the king of beasts? Okay, when he's not dozing in the sun he can roar quite loudly and he's also successful at chasing away all the hyenas and stuff. But what is unfortunately all too often forgotten is the other side...


Lions not only take care of their offspring with dedication, but also hunt and socialize to keep their group together. To do this, they connect with other lions and can also relax when they notice that another member of their pack is caring for their offspring. Without yelling or baring your teeth. And in fact, when it comes down to it, they resolutely oppose their celebrated "ruler of the animal kingdom".

Leos have immense inner peace and strength. They stand for courage, cohesion, connectedness and support.

This collection is dedicated to you.

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