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About me

My name is Miriam Disson and I was born in winter 1985. Now I am living in Mannheim, Germany.

After studying sociology, several journeys and stays in the most different wonderful places on our planet I decided to follow a new path.

So in 2013 I began an apprenticeship as a goldsmith at the famous goldsmith school in Pforzheim in southern Germany.

Under the guidance of master goldsmith Tobias Ueberschaer und jewellery design master Renate Pukis I became a goldsmith journeywomen in 2017.

A new chapter in my life began when I became a mother. Being a mother now is also reflected in my jewellery creations/design.

Since then I have been telling stories – in gold and silver.

In autumn 2021 I opened a little store in Mannheim.

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